​Hansa Pilsener has always preferred the road less travelled. And why not? After all, it’s got a special ingredient – the Saaz Hop – that marks it out as something different. And, of course, Pilsener is a bracingly crisp style of beer, which makes for a refreshing alternative to ordinary lager. As a result of this it has always appealed to those who seek more than what the mainstream has to offer. 

Hansa Pilsener is of European origin, specifically German and Czech. The light refreshment Hansa is famous for comes from the centuries-old Pilsener style of brewing beer. And the crisp, clean taste of Hansa is what’s affectionately known as ‘The Kiss of the Saaz Hop’, which is Czech in origin. Pilsener has always, therefore, been seen as different from lager. It’s this difference that marks it out as a true individual. So next time you’re in a bar and enjoying a beer, have a glance around the room. Look for the quietly confident guy who’s not trying to be a big deal or show off. Chances are he’ll be drinking a Hansa Pilsener.

Hansa continues to subvert the mainstream by behaving in ways people don’t expect from a middle-market, brown-bottled beer: it’s charming, it’s cheeky, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Some people say they find it hard to put their finger on Hansa’s phenomenal success. But one’s thing for sure: it’s easy to taste why it’s such a well-loved beer.


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